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Tisza Lake

Origin of the river Tisza According to legend, God created the river Tisza by tying a donkey to a golden plough. He then told the Tisza to follow the furrow the plow cut. The donkey was hungry and there was much to eat all around, a plant called the donkey-thistle. The donkey of, course, simply wandered from one donkey-thistle to the next. And that's why the Tisza flows in such a wandering way. Many decades ago there was the great idea of creating a lake in the middle of the huge flatlands of the Great Hungarian Plain. This was done by damming the river and the result was this unique area of 127 square kilometres. Unique because it is not even a true lake, since the river itself flows through it. On its rippling waving waters, there's a multitude of sail boats, surf boards, hotels and restaurants. The happy voices of holiday makers can be heard from the shores. A few kilometres away, there is the largest network of protected waterplants in all of Europe . On the shores of the lake are weeping willows with tents under them, birds plunging from above or soaring up from the reeds: a stunning combination of undisturbed Nature. Contradictory though it sounds, the lake can be called an island. An island of undisturbed Nature, so hard to find these days. The unique quality of Lake Tisza is how it manages to combine all this, it provides a home for water life and for holiday makers who wish to bathe or sun bathe - and of course those who seek peace and quiet: anglers, bird watchers, amateurs of a rich and flourishing world of flora and fauna.

Abádszalók at Tisza Lake
The largest settlement and the centre for visitors on Lake Tisza is Abadszalók, on the left bank of the Lake, located between Szolnok and Tiszafüred, on the western border of the Nagykunság. It has 4989 inhabitants. The past: The village was formed from the union of Tiszaabád and Tiszaszalók in 1896. Abád, as an important crossing point of the Tisza , took its name, according to the chronicler Anonymous, from a Pecheneg leader Thonuzaba; the Szalók element is originally Turkish, from Zaluch (at the time of the Magyar Conquest) and which was derived from a tribe. The name frequently occurs in documents from 1271 on. It was continuously dwelt in until 1697, but abandoned as a record from 1703 mentions. However we know that the village re-established itself from 1717. Agriculture dominated the life of the village, since neither in its location or resources was it able to establish itself as an industrial centre. However, in 1740 László Orczy established 44 German artisan families here in Szalók. Their descendants still live here today and many of them still continue in the trades of their ancestors. There were great traditions of wicker making, basket weaving, taking advantage of the Tisza 's resources. The Lace House of Halas introduced many girls of peasant families into lace-making, and many still keep up the tradition. And the present: The building of the barrage at Kisköre and the creation of Lake Tisza greatly changed life and opportunity here. As the lake swelled, it created islands and a surface of 127 square kilometres, of which 14 square kilometres are to be found at Abádszalók, which is why it became the lake's tourism centre. This is why Abádszalók attracts those who want to engage in water sports, bathe and relax on the lidos and beaches or who simply want to have a good time. Over 100,000 a year come to enjoy themselves. The Abádszalók Summer series of events gives residents and visitors the chance to enjoy a whole range of events embracing the arts, crafts and sports. And to make visitors comfortable, there are more than 40 businesses, restaurants, snackbars, pensions, a funfair, hot water pools, camping sites, boat hire services, all to dedicated to making a stay here as enjoyable as possible. In Attila Bay at Abádszalók, a designated section is for the exclusive use of powered water craft. Windsurfers guide their colourful boards across the water and the white sails of sailing craft can be seen in the distance. You can swim and sunbathe on the sloping sandy banks, those who prefer exploring the neighbourhood by boat or by bicycle will soon find their cares dropping away.

Fishing at Tisza Lake
The southern bay of Lake Tisza , Abádszalók Bay is a paradise for anglers. After the dam was built the flooded areas witnessed an amazing growth in fish stocks. The large open expanses of water, the presence of reeds and islands, and the meandering river bed with trees drooping into the water, all combine to promise big catches. Here you can catch any of the fifty fish species hiding in the water. Come and join us perch fishing in the currents of the Tisza in springtime, catch tench in May, try your spinner or bream, go for pike in October or for carp from spring to autumn. You will enjoy the special experience of catching predatory fish in winter on the ice of the marshland. Anglers will find well-built berths and marinas, trained tour guides and well-equipped fishing tackle shops.

Watersport at Tisza Lake
Abádszalók Bay is the realm of water sports enthusiasts. Along with sailing boats and surf boards, the use of motor boats and jet skis are also permitted, uniquely on a European lake. There are good hiring facilities too. The largest beach is situated here - it is over half a mile long - along with its associated entertainment complex. The shallow, warm water makes for ideal bathing conditions for children. Little ones and grown-ups alike will also surely find the village doll museum an interesting place to visit

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