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Geography of Hungary

Hungary is situated in the Carpathian Basin in Middle-Europe. The country extends 268 Km in North-South direction and 526 Km in East-West direction.

50 % of the territory of Hungary is plain. The Great Plain can be found in the eastern part of the country, while the Small Hungarian Plainis located at the north-western border.

Hungary has two main rivers: the Danube ( 417 km long in Hungary ) and the Tisza ( 598 Km long). Both rivers flow in north-south direction and divide Hungary into 3 parts.

The area between the Danube and the Tisza is plain. The territory west from the Danube , including the warmest sweet water lake (Balaton) of Middle-Europe, is a hilly country

Hungary has a chain of middle-high mountains.

The Transdanubian Mountains , west from the Danube , are 400-700m high. Parts of the mountains are: Keszthely mountains, Bakony, Vértes, Gerecse, Pilis and the Visegrád mountains.
The Northern Mountains (500- 1000 m high) extend northeast from the Danube . Parts of the mountains are: Börzsöny, Cserhát, Mátra, Bükk, Cserehát and the Zemplén mountains. The highest point of Hungary is Kékes-teto ( 1014 m ) in the Mátra Mountains .
The Hungarian Plain is a tourist attraction, where visitors can become familiar with some characteristic animals and ethnographical traditions of Hungary . The Hortobágy National Park and the Kiskunság National Park horse-shows are waiting for travellers (Bugac, Apajpuszta, Lajosmizse).

National Parks of Hungary:
Aggtelek National Park
Eastern-Balaton National Park
Orség National Park
Bükk National Park
Duna-Dráva National Park
Duna-Ipoly National Park
Ferto-Hanság National Park
Körös-Maros National Park
Hortobágy National Park
Kiskunság National Park

Wine regions of Hungary
The yearly wine production of Hungary is 4,2 million hl, which is ripened in the 22 wine regions of the country:
1. Csongrád, 2. Hajós-Baja, 3. Kunság, 4. Ászár-Neszmély, 5. Badacsony, 6. Balatonfüred-Csopak, 7. Balatonfelvidék, 8. Etyek-Buda, 9. Mór, 10. Pannonhalma, 11. Somló, 12. Sopron, 13. Balatonboglár, 14. Pécs, 15. Szekszárd, 16. Villány, 17. Bükkalja, 18. Eger, 19. Mátra, 20. Tokaj, 21. Balatonmelléke, 22. Tolna.

Rivers, lakes
Most of Hungary 's rivers arrive from the higher regions of the neighbouring countries, only a few have their source in the country. The two main reservoir rivers are also originated from outside the country and they leave Hungary as well.

The water network of Hungary is extensive. The smaller and bigger rivers build up a network of quiet brooks, middle size rivers, wild-waters and big rivers. Europe's biggest waterway runs through the country, as well as the Tisza , which is often referred to as "the most magyar" river. Hungary is also rich in lakes. Beside the big Hungarian lakes (Balaton, Velence Lake , Ferto Lake and Tisza Lake) there are numerous smaller lakes and reservoirs offering excellent possibilities for water sports. The most important lake from the above is undoubtedly the Lake Balaton in the Transdanubian region. The 598 km2 surface lakeis is 77 km long and14 km wide. The average depth of the Balaton is 3 m . Due to its shallowness, the lake warms up considerably in Summer.

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